Evan Myquest

Monday, October 14, 2013

cute is in the eye

How Cute: Old Man Poem #2

How cute--

They counter attacked and took back Poland without me
They liberated countries and people tyrannized for centuries (I looked on)
They got out the vote in places where whole tribes were massacred (I turned the news off because of the scenes)
How cute--
They cured invisible diseases thought unsolvable (and before I caught most of them)
They improved the body itself and doubled life spans; people without legs ran races (which was interesting given the new x-rays of my hips)
They achieved myriad marathon and triathlon records (which made me tired watching)
How cute--
They  uncovered the history of ancient civilizations under the ones they considered the earliest ever (I think I have relatives' - only once removed - grocery lists on those rock lintels)
They resurrected dead languages and read a people's last words (such language indeed)
They solved the murders of pharaohs (now that's some CSI work)

How cute--
They built huge dams on raging rivers (nice lakes, sorry fauna)
They harnessed the wind, the sun, and the atom (helped my allergies, thank you)
They diverted rivers and stopped Niagara (I got pills for almost the same thing)

How cute--
They found star systems in galaxies that didn't exist yesterday (laser got rid of my bottle bottom glasses)
They put science platforms and scientists in space (but parking in the city--arm & leg)
They rovered the moon and Mars and beyond (they're doing to the Martians what I do to terrorize the dog with my little remote car)

And then they all died and looked down upon what they'd done.
How cute, indeed.
From up there it looked like progress.
From where this old man sits, sheer poetry.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

here's to the 1% of yore

here's to the 1% of yore


sad sad king midas
said to his son titus
so sad am i and teary
regarding your sister dearie
who knew a provident wish could so up and bite us
pops if i may be so bold
yes tis sad what i am told
but see you this torch ablaze
now stand back from the smoke and haze
we will have comfort again in coins of gold
son son son my dependable one
what have you unmendably done
to the young dear one i used to cuddle
youve made of your sister a bubbling puddle
true enough tho: tis now a spendable one