Evan Myquest

Monday, August 18, 2014

In the Shorts

The Double Jeopard Leopard
(for Noah)

you won't find
the double jeopard leopard
in the same spots twice
when he's found them
he tiptoes round them
ever so carefully & awarefully quiet
walks between them
avoiding the ones not dry yet

The Elevator Gator

The elevator gator
Lives on the tenth floor of that condo tree in the swamp
No one knew what he was doing
When on his balcony barbequeing
He fell off and landed with a mushy squishy whomp!
With amazing luck
He hit that muck
But forever after
He suffered the laughter
Of creatures who'd snicker and drooly bubbly sneeze
At his new folded up gator knees

We're taking Grandma on a Trip

We're taking Grandma on a trip
We'll proceed at a scenery chewing clip
She might be old and sluggage
But she's going to like this if it kills her
She might be human luggage
But in the back if the bouncing kills her
A mirror at her lips will suffice
To tell us if we need a bigger cooler and a LOT more ice

Tripping Over Poe, Edgar A.

It must have been the laudanum
Because here we are, still applaudin' 'im

In the Meadow

In the meadow the loudest was Billy the Cricket
If fair lady showed faint heart Billy would nick it
He'd rub up the longest song and never tire
Why on one hot day at a super cricket speed
Wouldn't you know, he set his own ass on fire

Vacation Visit to Far Off Relatives

with very shirt-tail foreign linkage
the best hospitality is
champagne glass clinkage

I'm not Opposin'

I'm not opposin'
The Slothy little Mr. Possum
But I am supposin'
It's not polite to pick'im up and toss'im