Evan Myquest

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Nemesis & Babies in Flowers



my shadow tried to kill me today
on waking i flicked on the light
there it was

early bird assassin
poised to strike
reaching for my hand
i had noticed the night before
that it had conspired with a double
and an army more
as i walked between lampposts
and car beams
not sure which of them follows me today
i am taking no chances
walking in alleys dark
skulking in duggeries dank
thwarting each attempt by drowning it in blackness
i am now relieved of three wallets
four creditcards
two pictures of my grandson

and forty three dollars and fifty cents
how my shadow knew i would be in those places
and how it negotiated its accomplices
is beyond me

famous calendar babies in flowers

aw the babies in the giant flowers
big eyes smooth skin living in plantly bowers
big bugs come and bite them to bits
scant time before the pesticide hits
the garden greenery with a nozzlish spray
that makes the babies cough choke and run away
one thinks at some point these actor kiddios
must find easier livings in commercial videos
but first they must grow some hair and brows
in order to compete with californias happy cows

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