Evan Myquest

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I Don't Know Anyone Named Cosmo


Here's to you Cosmo
We do not know each other but
I have seen you or someone like you act the asshole a thousand times
As have I
Here's to you Cosmo
Life of the party
With your HELLO MY NAME IS COSMO tag pasted on your golf shirt
Are you sure you want people to know who you are
I would take that thing off Cosmo
You are a pretty funny guy Cosmo
But you push it
Your friends are starting to look around for better entertainment options

Here's to you Cosmo
Here's to your finding more appreciative friends in the golf shirt crowd
Somehow I am not holding out much hope though
You tend to part the seas if you know what I mean
Here's to you Cosmo
Wandering around alone with that drink in your hand
Eyes dialing in on prospects
Don't know if you should attempt chatting the women Cosmo
They seem taller around you
Here's to you Cosmo
Yes you can say that again




I can sleep with the best of them
Just not tonight
Too many monsters on the tv news
If I knew what to do about them
I might be asleep right now
Those monsters come and go far too often
For coincidence
One leaves
One comes
News at six then again at ten
Then again in the morning
Always a monster
Day after day always a monster
How to get rid of them
Do something about them that the news
Would not portray as monstrous in itself
It keeps me up wondering what the next monster will do to get on the news
I do not know how long tonight I will be bothered about it
Perhaps I will talk about it with a friend tomorrow
There's this guy

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