Evan Myquest

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Two for the People Shop

Little One in the Hospital, or Did You Say Eager?

hey little one, they're going to fix you right up
well not right up right this minute
you might have to stay a night or two or more
since that's when *they* work--
(don't worry because you are never alone)
all those happy slaptail beavers in their yellow hardhats
looking over midnight construction plans
as they string flood lights and fences
they unload from trucks beeping their    watch out    back up beeps
there's no limit to the kinds of honking and beeping
that happens as you sleep and you don't even hear one tiny beep

with hand waves from red bandana worker beavers
to white bandana trucker beavers leaning out their driver windows
they move their trucks around to dump all that scaffolding
put it around you and yes it might take a while to get all that going
as the boss beaver in his orangey hardhat studies the plans
he makes hurried chich chich chich sounds into his walkie talkie
which means wait stop stop stop
then it is chich chich chich all okay to go go go    move here move there
and yell louder   okay that's good     that's just right
but we need more light! and lights go on everywhere
like a whirling bunch of musical carnival rides
dot dot dotta de dot dot dee
a whole construction carnival with lots of slapping tails and high fives

but when the busy beavers start adding towering new floors
and hanging your glamorous new doors
it won't be long until the whistle blows breaktime!
you can bet they have accomplished plenty
even though it seems to you like oh my it's taking forever--
why then they turn the page on the plans and
before you know it there are more trucks and
the lights are on more new floors high in the air
all for you
all for the little one who thinks they're stuck and
they're the only one in the room
when there are hundreds of busy beavers
running lighted elevators up and down and
moving crane booms with a hundred lights on each of them into place

aren't you the lucky one?
that boss beaver knows his stuff
you're going to get up and fly away in no time now
you will get to make noise and play with toys
he promises that!
but whatever you do--don't say a word
if your doctor turns around to walk away and his tail peeks
out of his pants
and you can hear him
go chich chich chich down the hall!

OH NO! Stuck in the Hospital

Such bad luck
that you are hospital stuck
they put you in a room not so small
cold but pleasantly pastel with a bed so tall

thank heaven there's a tv with news
for times you can't rest, snore & snooze
funny you notice a bit
you have more wires coming from you than it

strange sounds last the night
visits from the needle nurse way past midnight
they say sleep will cure
but they never let you, that's for sure

they will fix you up if it kills you
& all of them too
so cooperate
as they operate

try not to eat all the green jello squares
even if no one cares
there's a wheelie chair to help you leave
long as there's nothing up that doctor's sleeve

that's when they give you the shocking bill
pages long & it causes you to go back for longer still!
and it makes them snickering bent over delirious
as you shout, you can't be serious!

your eyes bulge & there's the chest pain attack
& to the pleasantly pastel room they wheel you back

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