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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Car Shopping With Clemenza

car shopping with clemenza
(this appeared in "lessons from the godfather" on ISSUU.Com where it is poem  #12)
hey mikey
you see what they call trunk room now
i don't think we coulda fit sal in there
in one piece anyway
best thing these days
they got rid of that center post in the windshield
good for the drive-in movies you know
yep, window repair might be got probably harder an' more expensive
but c'mon         how many times they shoot out one side an'
not the other
yeah yeah  moe green's glasses
oh wait a minute mikey
no running boards
we might need two maybe three cars instead a one now
an' we gotta update the fake taxi 'n' cop car, too
o this is gonna be expensive
jesus mary look at all the colors now
like we need different colors
hey, you see this hat
whaddaya mean you're out of black in that model
psst mikey    we need to shop somewheres else
this neighborhood is going to hell
peter, petto, mi amico,   perhaps I can reason with this gentleman

see         perhaps one day you will need a favor
perhaps there will be a problem with your mechanics
perhaps there will be a strange flu going around the sales force
a capit?
mikey      take it easy      we don't need no consigliere to negotiate this
suppose we appeal to this nice man's better nature
look we want to make a deal
and then the salesman said
well then
make me an offer


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